Mara’s Pasta Packaging

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Logo and packaging design for Mara's Pasta, a small Artisan Pasta ..

L’Amitie Heritage Winery

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A project based on a case study for a french heritage winery ..

Ron Swanson Stationery Line

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A personal passion project that turned into a full on stationery line ..

Photo Direction for Fourisded

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Direction for set of 18 images used for the commerce sections of ..

Two Penny Blue Email Campaign

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A small sampling of email campaigns created for Chicago based fashion company ..

Two Penny Blue | Fall 2013

Foursided Site Design

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Website redesign for Foursided Custom Framing and Gifts in Chicago, IL with ..

Foursided Email Campaigns

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Ongoing planning, scheduling, creation, and execution of promotional emails for Foursided Chicago ..

Foursided | Back to School Eblast 2013

Adie Cards

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Branding and site building for a new stationery line that was in ..

Art Direction for Echo Magazine

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Assistant Art Director and Marketing Director for the Summer/Fall 2012 Issue ..

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