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Teresa Therrien is a graphic designer who’s constantly looking for the next thing to become enamored with. She loves to work one on one with small businesses; helping them along from conception to execution, and all the itty bitty steps in between. Dabbling in social media development, small business marketing, printmaking, email marketing, eCommerce, and blogging— she’s an Art & Marketing Department of one. Graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a BFA in Graphic Design, she fell in love with the city and lives by the lake with her cat, Kitty, and her Kelsey Excelsior letterpress, Frasier.

She’s addicted to anything lovely and luckily for you she’s available for freelance projects.
Some of Teresa’s current projects:
Bangs: An Art & Craft Market Party

Contact | Resume | Instagram @TeresaTherrien