Ron Swanson Stationery Line

  • Method:: Stationery
  • Where:: Chicago, IL
  • Client:: Printventory
  • : Illustrated by Melanie Jeanne Plank
  • : Printventory Shop

A personal passion project that turned into a full on stationery line. I originally set out to make an inspiring print for a friend, and partnered with good friend and talented illustrator, Melanie Jeanne Plank, who crafted the perfect Swanson portrait. I took inspiration from this portrait and paired it with carefully crafted type and screen printed a small first edition of 30. These were just for a few friends. However, word quickly spread and we ended up with lots of requests for favorite quotes. We even met the mustachioed man himself, Nick Offerman, and gave him one to hang in his woodshop (or bathroom- whatever it’s his choice).